Outpatient Therapy

Our professional, experienced therapists provide outstanding care and make a sincere commitment to helping each individual achieve his or her highest functional level following injury, surgery or illness. Whether your recovery is expected to last a few weeks or a few months, we’ll develop a regimen that fits your rehabilitation goals.

We offer:

• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy

Why Choose Outpatient Therapy?

Our therapists take great pride in helping patients regain their independence in performing the day-to-day tasks they enjoyed before they were affected by illness, injury, or surgery. Our outpatient therapy program can help you:


  • Make a smooth transition from an inpatient medical setting to a home environment
  • Speed healing from a work-related injury
  • Decrease muscle and joint pain
  • Improve functionality so you can return to the activities you enjoy
  • Implement a home exercise program to maximize your recovery

Offering Care to Fit Your Needs

  • Therapy programs specifically for seniors
  • Cognitive testing to help you and your family choose the best living environment
  • Personal attention and care
  • Education to help you maximize the benefits of therapy
  • Individual treatment plans to meet your specific recovery needs

Outpatient Physical Therapy Consult Request